On August 13th, "NON" will Read for NHK G "Here and There, Suzu-san〜Tell Me About Your War〜”


suzusan_basic_common_1920_1080 「#Achikochisuzusan」is a campaign from the animated film『In This Corner of the World』in which, like Suzu-san, collects episodes of people who were living hard while devising their everyday lives (fashionable love, unforgettable foods) even during the war.

On August 13th (Thurs), posts from "#Achikochisuzusan〜Oshiete kudasai Anata no Senso〜” will be made into animations and illustrations that will revive "Suzu-san's youth."

It has been decided that Non, who played the voice of Suzu-san, the main character of "In This Corner of the World," will be in charge of the narration for the animation.

Alo, the film, "In This Corner of the World" will broadcast on NHK G on August 9th (Sun) from 3:50pm-5:56pm.

Please watch.

■A comment from NON

I felt the situation of Japan, which was under the war while I played Suzu, as if it were a story from a different world.

I have felt it in movies and dramas. I knew that it really happened in my head, but I didn't realize it. However, Here and there Suzu-san gives us a glimpse of the happy lives and playful scenery of those who lived in those days. It shows fashionable love and romantic memories.

This feeling of making everyday life fun is the same as how we are living now. I sympathized with that feeling to bring life to Here and There Suzu-san.

You can't meet Here and There Suzu-san in real life, but you can connect with her. Immediately, when I was able to feel love, the fact that there was war fell deeply into my heart.
The me that is here now in Japan where war happened, I'm finally able to feel without looking away. I want to read Here and There Suzu-san's memories to the fullest.

■Program information
・August 13th, 2020 (Thurs) from 10:00pm
・Program Name "Achikochi Suzu-san〜Oshiete kudasai Anata no Senso〜” (Here and There, Suzu-san〜Tell Me About Your War〜)

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