【Article Update】"NON" is Selected for Vol. 1 of SDGs People



Following the guidelines for achieving SDGS created by the United Nation, to further increase awareness of SDGs in Japan and for the purpose of promoting efforts in lead to actions in line with "10 Year Actions", "Japan SDGs Action" was inaugurated.

The concept is "Each One of Our Actions Connects to the Future."
The public-private partnership project "Japan SDGs Action" to promote Japan's SDGs action will start.
This time, the "Japan SDGs Action Promotion Council" was established to increase awareness of SDGs in Japan, and the first kickoff event was held on July 29th.

※SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) was adopted in September 2015 by the agreement of the member states of the United Nations, and is a global movement that works toward the achievement of 17 goals such as “eliminating poverty”, “promoting clean energy”, “the responsibility to make and use”.

All the people involved in this project define themselves as「SDGs People」and NON was one of those SDGs People who was chosen for the first issue.
NON is also planning on creating characters to increase awareness of SDGs.

From now, SDGs People will be selecting various people, and these people are all「SDGs People」, let's all aim to take actions with SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)!

【Japan SDGs Action Official HP】
Creating the Future 10 Years from Now Notebook Immediately!NON is SDGs Action!
July 29th release『FRaU August 2020 issue』is SDGs Special Edition!
~Hello Nippon! Starting from Japan, SDGs。~inside NON appears【RE:BORN!Be Reborn with NON with Clothes.】
She's wearing up-cycled clothing, and clothing she made herself!

August 17th Stream! withnews interview
「Sell Your Duty to the Earth!」NON thinks「SDGs in Low Hurdles」

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