「12 Day Story of the Kaiju that Died in 8 Days」Twitter Post Campaign!



Today, (July 31st) the Twitter campaign for the release of "12 Day Story of the Monster that Died in 8 Days" begins!
By lottery, 4 lucky winners will receive a poster present with 6 of the cast staff signatures!

July 31st (Fri) 10:00am -  end of the day on August 16th (Sunday)

・How to Participate
① On Twitter, follow Junji Iwai's film festival account.(@iwaiff
②Add the hashtag #わたしの怪獣 (my monster) , and post your thoughts about the film or how you want to see the film ASAP etc.

4 lucky winners who filled the requirements will be chosen by lottery to receive a present!

For details, check out  iwaiff Twitter account or the official website.

『"12 Day Story of the Monster that Died in 8 Days"』