【Today Until 11:59pm!】NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE vol.5 Archive Tickets Available!


"NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE vol.5 which took place on November 8th, archive tickets are available for purchase until 11:59pm tonight! (archive viewing until November 18th (Wed) 11:59pm)

Guest, Takahiro Shibata from Wasureranneyo was welcomes and a heated talk battle and live session unfolded. The live stream was scheduled to be 90 minutes, but the tension was so high, it extended 30 minutes, making this live a 120 minute live! Please enjoy!


【Live Information】

■Live Title: NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE vol.5(#NONOUCHIDEMIRULIVE) -Watashi ha Heyaju, Docchi ga Ohitorisama? Taiketsu! (Who Will Be the Last Standing? Showdown!)

NON, Kei Higuchi
Takahiro Shibata (Wasureranneyo)

■Viewing tickets are available for purchase until November 15th (Sun) 11:59pm
※Archive Viewing Period: until November 18th (Wed) 11:59pm

■Format: Live Stream

■Ticket:¥2,200(w/ tax) ※NON fan club members receive a discounted special price.

■Purchasing URL

※Archive tickets are purchasable until November 15th (Sun) 11:59pm.

※Viewing tickets are available for purchase until November 15th (Sun) 11:59pm ※Tickets purchased after the live are for archive viewing only and will be unable to post comments. 

Precautions ・The performance will be streamed through the internet ・After purchasing a ticket, you will receive an email. The email includes information on how to browse through the stream, so please confirm that you have received an email. ・The customer is responsible for internet communication costs related to browsing. ・Due to the large amount of data used for the video stream, please make sure you have a stable internet connection (Wi-Fi, etc). ・We will do our best to provide the best equipment, lines, etc. for your streaming but due to the nature of the live, there is a possibility that an unexpected suspension or disturbance may occur. Thank you for your understanding. ・You can view and browse the live stream via the purchased ZAIKO account. ・If you leave the live streaming midway and come back, you cannot go back and view what you missed until the live stream is finished. The stream will be recorded and available for viewing after the finished live.


■Staff List


NON Kei Higuchi Takahiro Shibata(Wasureranneyo

●Production:NON, Team NON

●Composition:Mitsuko Takizawa

●Stage Director:Nobuhiro Shimizu

●PA:Dub Master X


●Costume:Izumi Machino

●Filming:COO Inc.

●Photography:Kentaro Minami

●Cooperation: NON CO., LTD., inkAnkh inc..KAIWA(RE)CORD

●Project:Speedy, Inc.