"NON Tomo. M" December 24th 1st Album Release "Showtime!" Album Cover+Recorded Music+Additional Artists Revealed!




Available for purchase from December 24th brought to you by KAIWA(RE)CORDs, NON & Otomo Yoshihide & Sachiko M's music unit "NON Tomo. M" first full album, "Showtime!" album visual, recorded music, additional participating artists, and teaser movie have released all at once.
From the released album recorded song "Ashita ga Aru sa" music video, already in advance, the participation of Kyoko Koizumi, Toshinori Omi, Minori Omi, Hairi Katagiri, Eri Watanabe, and Otomo Yoshihide special big band was presented but, this time, a new guest musician, Kazuhiro Momo (MO'SOME TONEBENDER) and Kei Higuchi's participation has been revealed.
Furthermore, it was revealed that, other than Otomo Yoshide's big band, itoken, Great Eida Strings, and Takero Sekijima participated in the "Ashita ga Aru sa" performance.

The illustration for the album cover is the same, Yoshihide Sugahara who worked on the poster for "Stardust Over the Town" starring NON, and Keiko Sanuki's design fully expresses the world view of the album.
The 3 NON, Otomo Yoshihide, and Sachiko M's small festival ring expanded, and many musicians become involved in this infinite "music festival" -like lively experience full of smiles for the album teaser movie!
Teaser Movie URL:https://youtu.be/N-5WnU5Ms-g

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<Album Information>
Release Date:December 24th, 2020 (Thurs)
Price:¥3300(before tax)
1.ショーがはじまる!(Sho ga hajimaru/Showtime!)
3.眠れない (Nemurenai/Can't Sleep)
4.トキメキ (Tokimeki/Crush)
5.ハッスルホイ (Hassuru Hoi)
6.ひなげしの花 (Hinageshi no Hana/Poppy Flower)
7.snow dance
8.lalala にちようび (lalala Nichiyobi/ lalala Sunday)
9.いつでも君は (Itsudemo Kimi ha/ You are Always)
10.明日があるさ (Ashita ga Aru sa/ There's Always Tomorrow)
11.さなえちゃん (Sanae-chan)

<Album Cover>
Art Direction & Design: Keiko Sanuki
Illustration: Yoshihito Sugahara

<A Comment from NON>
This recording began during the pandemic.
Mr. Otomo told me that he could record music remotely, and so we began the remote recording for the album production of "NON Tomo. M".
Whatever the situation may be, I want to believe in the power of music.
I wanted to make a lively album that would make everyone smile, which is how "Showtime' came about.
I am recording such fun music with amazing guests and musicians!
Please enjoy this bright show that will make you smile with NON Tomo. M's album!
The password is crazy cats hassuru hoi.
I don't really know, but it's just a feeling taken from the world.
Everyone, let's all be happy!

<A Comment from Otomo Yoshihide>
I originally intended to do a banquet band at the end of the year, but the reason I ended up making an album is due to the strange stay at home period when anything "nonessential" was prohibited. In the middle of the night, stealthily beginning our secret talks on the internet about that song, and recording remotely began in early spring. Time had passed and we couldn't see each other and rainy season had ended, I almost cried from happiness the moment we were all able to meet and make music in the studio. No matter what, the wings of the imagination are infinite. This album was made while envisioning that a variety show like this would be great someday. That's why I would be so thrilled if you listened to this album. It's already showtime!

<A Comment from Sachiko M>
It started out as what seemed like a family gather for the rehearsal for "NON Tomo. M" which turned into releasing an album.  These recorded songs featuring amazing guest and reliable performers transcended time, generations and genres because it was NON who sang these on parade special songs!  Even if you can't have a festival, go to a concert, or see the people you want to see, I hope that this album will be your "amazing show" that resonates with the world...no, the universe. I would be so happy if, only for a moment, you could this album during this unforgettable 2020 that's coming to an end. Now, it's Showtime!

<A Comment from Yoshihide Sugahara>
It's luxuriously fun, and above anything else, it's will greatly energize you! And, somehow it will give you a lot of courage!
It's as if this album shines on you this bright future, it leaves such an impact.
I'm so honored from the bottom of my heart that I could be apart of this beautiful project "NON Tomo. M"!

<A Comment from Kei Higuchi>
Mr. Otomo said to me innocently, "Kei-chan! By the way, let's play another song!"
And the kind Ms. Sachiko said, "Hey! You're putting Kei-chan in a tough situation!...But will you play for us?
NON-chan gave me a face that expressed her apologies for her mom and dad (lol).
It was a feeling like going to play at your friends house.
Blending in with the warm air of the 3 family-like members and becoming fixated on them, that made playing feel good. It was a wonderful day.
I think the feelings of the recording at the time and mixed and packaged within this album. You'll understand once you listen!

<A Comment from Kazuhiro Momo(MO'SOME TONEBENDER)>
I went to the studio as a casual order request to be the "guitar and chorus for 1 song", but when I opened the door, I realized I would duet with NON, I was a little intimidated. Moreover, we wouldn't be singing in different rooms inserting the duet later, but recording and singing together as per her request.  And the result was a happy take that happened in the blink of an eye. I felt the vibes and played the guitar for one more song. I take off my hat to NON who always has a clear vision and good sense.