【February Event Information and Requests】


February Event Information and Requests
Thank you for always supporting NON's activities.
We would like to inform you and importantly ask you about the event scheduled to be held in February. It's a long sentence, but please be sure to read it to the end.

February 22, 2020 (Sat) Today
"NON KAIWA FES Vol, 2" to be held on Saturday, February 29th is still proceeding [held as planned], but the final decision to hold or cancel will be in accordance with the event promoter.

Staff are also discussing how to deal with the changing situation every day.
If there is a change, we will update the information. I understand there are some concerns, but please wait for further information to be released.

If you have any inquiries, please contact the promoter.

*「NON KAIWA FES Vol,2」Inquiry Info
Creative Man Productions 03-3499-6669

Creative Man Productions Notification

■Request for infection prevention to visitors
We would like to ask all visitors for the following cooperation in order to prevent the spread and spread of colds and influenza, including the new virus.

●We ask all visitors to wear masks on the day of the event. There are a few available at the venue, but the number is very limited. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we kindly ask that you prepare and wear it before you come to the venue.

●At the time of admission, rubbing alcohol will be prepared. Please be sure to disinfect your hands. If you have an alcohol allergy, please contact the staff as we are preparing disinfect hydrogen peroxide.

●In the unlikely event that you have symptoms such as fever, cough, or general pain, please be sure to contact and visit a medical institution before coming to the venue.

●If you are worried about your physical condition on the day of the event, please do not overdo it.

●If you feel unwell or feel sick during the performance, please contact the staff near you immediately.

●In order to prevent the spread of an infection, the management staff will guide and serve customers wearing masks as well. In addition, we may disinfect your hands when giving information and at sales booths. Please note.

Thank you.