NON: OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE Vol. 6" streamed live from Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse! Live concert commemorating the release of the first album by "NonTomo. M"! "Let the Show Begin!" Livestreamed on December 23rd (Wed)!



(Added/edited Dec 21st) A special Christmas live show performed at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse! (On demand streaming available afterwards)
*Due to the suspension of the government's GoTo Travel campaign due to the rising coronavirus infections, and the rapid increase in cases around the country, the show will be available only online without the audience at the venue.  The online concert will proceed as planned.

It is the sixth (seventh in total if the special edition is included) in Non's series of paid-admission online concerts, NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE (Non: Live Concerts at Home), which began in May 2020, and will be streamed on December 23rd (Wed).

This concert will feature songs from NonTomo. M's first album, performed by Non, Higuchi Kei, Otomo Yoshihide, and Sachiko M!

Special live for “NonTomo M”'s 1st Album 

NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE (Non: Live Concerts at Home) are paid-admission online concerts, with the concept of "turning everyone's room into a live music venue!"

This concert will feature the songs from the album, "Show ga Hajimaru Yo!", the first full album by NonTomo. M (Non, Otomo Yoshihide, and Sachiko M)! We hope you enjoy listening to the live performance of the joyful songs on this album, which was the result of the small group started by Non, Otomo Yoshihide, and Sachiko M growing, as more and more musicians joined, into a big music festival.

Nontomo. M 1st album: Show ga Hajimaru Yo!



■ A special Christmas concert, live from Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse!

This live performance is a special Christmas concert, broadcast from the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, the same location as Every Day is Christmas 2019!

Tickets for the live broadcast are available from today. And if you won't be able to catch the live broadcast, there's good news! You can still enjoy it on demand until 11:59 pm on January 2nd, 2021 (Sat). Even after the live performance is over, you can buy tickets to watch it on demand. Non fan club members receive a special discount when buying tickets.

*Tickets can be purchased to stream the performance on demand even after the concert is over.

*On demand streaming tickets are available until 11:59 pm on December 30th (Wed).

From Non: Live Concert at Home Vol. 5



■ Will also feature a song from the film Watashi wo Kuitomete, starring Non!
The concert will also feature a performance of Kiss Shite Hoshii - Renai Gakko Version - (Renai Hakko Gakkai official song), a Non cover of a famous song by The Blue Hearts as part of the Renai Hakko Gakkai project, run by Marukome in collaboration with the film Watashi wo Kuitomete, scheduled for release on December 18th. We hope you enjoy it!



■ Merch available after the concert!

T-shirts commemorating the concert will be available! The design incorporates the image on the cover of the Show ga Hajimaru Yo! album.
The link to order them will be posted at a later date.

*The products will be made to order. They will be delivered to you after the concert.

*The color of the T-shirts is "sand beige," and they are available in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL (For detailed size information, such as length, etc., see the order page, which will be made available at a later date)

*The shirts are still being designed.

Non: Live Concert at Home Vol. 6 Commemorative T-Shirt (sample image)




【Live Information】

■NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE vol.6(#のんおうちで観るライブ)
-NonTomo.M's 1st album "Show ga Hajimaru Yo!"("Let the Show Begin") release live

NON, Kei Higuchi
Yoshihide Otomo、Sachiko M

■Date and Time:
Dec. 23, Wed, 2020 from 19:00 to 20:30(90 minutes)
※Can be viewed until Jan. 2, 2021, 23:59

Live stream

JPY 2,200(w/tax)
※Special price available on NON's fan club, Non Knock

■Ticket Purchase  URL

*Viewing tickets will be available until 11:59 pm on December 30th (Wed)
*Tickets purchased after the concert has ended can only be used to view the archived footage, and not to see viewers' comments, or post new comments.

■ Notes
・The performance will be available for viewing online.
・Please confirm your email for the online viewing detail.
・If you lose the link to your ticket, please refer to your email from Zaiko which will show the ticket URL. Please do not delete the purchase email.
・Any internet costs associated with watching the concert will be borne by the customer.
・We recommend connecting to stable internet environment (e.g. Wi-Fi) for smooth live streaming.
・We will use high quality equipment/wiring to stream the concert, but since it's a live stream, there is a risk of unexpected disconnections or other technical issues.
・If you start watching partway through the concert, you can only watch it live, and will be unable to rewind. After the stream ends, you will be able to watch it from the beginning.


■Kei Higuchi Profile


Ever since childhood, she grew up surrounded by instruments like the violin and piano, before starting to play electric guitar in high school, and majoring in PA and recording at a specialist school. She later worked the PA system at the concert venue gee-ge. for three years, while also working in support roles.

She specializes in using atmospheric effects and advanced strumming techniques, and adds a bit of extra impact to the band's sound.

She joined Non Cigarettes as a guitarist in 2017.


■Yoshihide Otomo Profile

While he has created a number of music scores for films and TV, this musician is more at home making noise music or improvising. Guitarist and turntablist. Has worked on several audience participation projects and productions. In addition to Japan, he is also active in Europe, the US, and Asia. He has created works for exhibitions that combine visual art with music, as well as audience participation projects and productions. He first met Non in 2013, when he was the music director for Amachan. In addition to guitar, composing, and arrangement for Nontomo. M, he also sometimes sings and writes lyrics for the band.


■Sachiko M Profile

sinewave, improvisational performer, composer.

Attracted global attention with the minimalistic sounds of Sine Wave Solo, released in 2000. Awarded the Prix Ars Electronica in 2003. While performing in overseas festivals and creating sound installations, she wrote the song "Shiosai no Memory" (in collaboration with Otomo Yoshihide) for the TV show Amachan, which kickstarted her career as a composer. As part of NonTomo. M, she plays instruments, writes lyrics/songs, and sings backup vocals.




■Staff List
 NON, Kei HIguchi, Yoshihide Otomo, Sachiko M
Director:NON, Team NON
Composition:Mitsuko Takizawa
Stage Direction: Nobuhiro Shimizu
Hair/Makeup: Shie Kanno, Kaori Mori
Stylist:Izumi Machino
Videograph: COO Inc.
Photograph: Kentaro Minami
Cooperation : NON CO. LTD., inkAnkh inc., KAIWA(RE)CORD
Project:Speedy, Inc.