NON to appear as the Metropolitan Police Department's "110 Image Character" for 2021


NON has been selected as the "image character" for the Metropolitan Police Department's 2021 "110 Day" (in Japan 110 is the emergency telephone number for the police).

Going forward, NON will participant in activities that promote public education concerning the proper use of the 110 emergency phone number. To begin, the above poster has begun to be posted in the Greater Tokyo Area. Announcements concerning NON's future activities, such as potential appearances in public awareness videos, will be announced at a later date.


Promoting prompt dialing of the 110 number and the proper use of the #9110 number

Do you know about the #9110 number? This number allows you to consult the police when you have not been involved in a crime or an accident. Applicable situations include stalking, domestic violence, and fraudulent business practices.