NHK E-Tele March 15! NON appears on "Shakin!" with the Sound Fighters!


On March 15th (Mon) and 19th (Fri), NON will appear on the NHK E-television show "Shakin!" in the "Sound Fighters"! This is a popular segment of the show where the contestants bring their own musical instruments and play freely, then battle against each other in a "tonton sumo" match using the vibrations of the sound.

NON's opponent is Ayuni D. (BiSH/PEDRO) 

Let's see who will win the match! 

■Program Outline
・Broadcast station: NHK E-TV

・Program name:
"Shakin!" a program to wake up your mind and body

・Program: Sound Fighters
1st round March 15th (Mon) 7:00-7:15
2nd round March 19th (Fri) 7:00-7:15

Coverage:Aflo (MOROHA)