NON participated in the JA Zennoh Iwate "Brand Promise" recitation ceremony



I have been serving as the head of the advertising division for the past four years.

Starting this year, I will be promoting the agricultural and livestock products of Iwate as the "Junjosanchi Iwate Ambassador."

The revised brand logo and commercial video for the "Junjosanchi Iwate (Pure-hearted production area, Iwate)" project were unveiled at the event, with NON reciting the new "Brand Promise." (The poster image and commercial video will also be released on this website at a later date.)

12 different agricultural and livestock products from Iwate Prefecture have been ranked in the top 10 of their respective categories in Japan.
I sent a message to cheer on the members of "Iwate Junjo Musume" with the hope that they will be able to become No. 1 in the country.