NON and Chise Niitsu become comedians! "Give it a try!" - The Iwate Junjo Rice commercial has been released!



On September 27th, NON appeared at a PR event to celebrate the release of the new Iwate Junjo Rice commercial.

The pre-release for the Iwate Junjo Rice "Give it a try!" commercial is now viewable online!
It will begin airing on TV starting Friday October 1, 2021.

In this new commercial, NON and Chise Niitsu form a new duo called the "Okomedians" to promote the great flavor of Iwate Junjo Rice!
When your rice is delicious, you can't help but smile. It makes you happy. You can't help but squirm.
They deliver their message through funny dance moves and fun songs. Their catch phrase is "Give it a try!"



The 15-second video is full of great moments, like the pair making smug faces while grains of rice spin around, their faces growing when they see their wives eating the great looking rice, and them multiplying as they make stepping motions.

Takuya Tatsumasu, the governor of Iwate Prefecture, also makes a surprise appearance.
He gives us his impressions of the new commercial and his expectations for this year's Iwate Junjo Rice.