"Hold Me Back" entered in Europe's largest Asian film festival, the Far East Film Festival.


The Far East Film Festival was first held in 1999 and takes place from April to May every year. It focuses mainly on new films from East and Southeast Asia. This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the festival is being held a little later, from 26th June to 4th July, and takes place online and in real life.

Ten Japanese films are entered in the festival. They are as follows.

"Hold Me Back" (Directed by Akiko Oku)
"Last of the Wolves" (Directed by Kazuya Shiraishi)
"Midnight Swan" (Directed by Eiji Uchida)
"Blue" (Directed by Keisuke Yoshida)
"The Goldfish: Dreaming of the Sea" (Directed by Sara Ogawa)
"Itomichi" (Directed by Satoko Yokohama)
"Hell's Garden" (Directed by Kazuaki Seki)
"Underdog (1&2)" (Directed by Masaharu Take)
"Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy" (Directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi)
"You're not normal, either!" (Directed by Koji Maeda)

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