In her seventh YouTube video for NONYAROGA! Channel, NON talks about the charms of Iwate in between shooting commercials!


The Ekkyo Hoso (Broadcasting Across Borders) project started airing a late-night TV program on October 1st.

Now, NONYAROGA! Channel has released its seventh video!

This time, the video is set at the shooting site of a commercial for Iwate Junjo Rice, for which NON is an ambassador.

Between shoots, NON talks about the charms of Iwate!

Please check it out!

■ NON YouTube: NONYAROGA! Channel

■ About Ekkyo Hoso Bari (Broadcasting Across Borders: Rough Edges)
NON's YouTube channel will feature on TV! The new documentary variety show Ekkyo Hoso Bari will air on Yomiuri TV October 1st!

■ The completed commercial for Iwate Junjo Rice is here!