[NON Yaroga!] Kansai-ben Dialect Revenge! We called her younger sister!


"NON Yaroga! Channel" #16, a project of the "Ekkyo Broadcast" TV program, has been released!
This time's theme is "Kansai-ben Dialect Revenge"
NON, who comes from Hyogo, insists that "I can speak in Kansai-ben with my cousin and younger sister!", so we got her sister on the phone!

As it is her first time talking alone on the show, she's a bit lost.

Please watch it.

Find the previous episode in which she failed to speak in the Kansai-ben dialect fluently here



■"Ekkyo Broadcasting Bari #7" will be aired on Yomiuri TV on November 12 (Fri) starting 1:34 AM!

This time, we showcase the behind-the-scenes of the "Emergency Project Meeting"!
*It will also be available to watch later on Tver, GYAO!, and ytbMyDo!
(Special Program Meeting Youtube link is here




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■About "Ekkyo Broadcasting Bari"

のんのYouTubeがテレビ番組に! 新ドキュメントバラエティ番組「越境放送バリ」が読売テレビにて10月1日深夜放送開始!