Non appears in the jacket photo of the new song "Bokudake no Mono" by Sambo Master, the theme song of the movie "Ribbon".


Bokudake no Mono" is the theme song of the feature film "Ribbon", which was planned, written, directed and starred by Nonn, and is a rock ballad written by Sambo Master, who sympathized with the message Nonn put into the film.

The cover is designed in conjunction with the poster visual of the movie.

Also, if you pre-order "Bokudake no Mono" from Apple Music or Spotify, you can get a "Ribbon" smartphone wallpaper.

Before the release of "Bokudake no Mono," the song will be aired on the radio show "So Takei, Sambo Master no Oretachi Radio Dan" on the AuDee app.


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Sambo Master 2/23 release "Bokudake no Mono"

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