[3/27 Greeting from the Ribbon Stage] Thank you for the hit movie! [Theatre Shinjuku]



Additional stage greeting for the movie "Ribbon" will be held.
Director NON and Director Higuchi Shinji, who was in charge of special effects for the film, will take the stage.
This is a chance to hear about the sometimes sharp and pointed, sometimes supple movements of the dancing ribbons, and to hear the secret story behind the filming!
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<3/27 (Sun)>

◆Theatre Shinjuku after 11:50 screening
Sales start: [Online] 3/24 (Thu) 18:00 -
Theater Box Office] 3/25 (Fri) Theatre Opening - *Only if seats are still available.


<Players (tentative)>: Non / Shinji Higuchi

<Ticket price>: 1,900 yen