[Special Report] Digital distribution of the movie "Ribbon" directed by and starring Nonn has started! In addition, the inspirational disc of the movie "Ribbon" is now available for download!



Non, who witnessed the sadness of students whose graduation exhibition was cancelled due to the Corona disaster and their youth being taken away, wanted to save the frayed feelings of the world, so she planned, wrote, directed, and starred in her first feature film "Ribbon".
The film, which opened in theaters on Friday, February 25, 2022 and is still showing in theaters around the country to rave reviews, began digital distribution, Wednesday, April 13!

Ribbon is a film that will help you to release the blurred feelings and frustrations that you are still carrying around. This is such an ambitious work," says Non. The digital distribution of the film will begin in parallel with the theatrical screening, which is an unprecedented speed of only one and a half months after its release, in order to reach a wider audience not only in theaters but also on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

The film, conceived by Non and visualized with special effects by the splendid team of "Shin Godzilla" director and special effects supervisor Shinji Higuchi and associate director and special effects supervisor Katsuro Onoe, has also attracted a great deal of attention for its "emotional expression” through ribbon art. The ribbons, which are sometimes sharp and sharp, and sometimes dance with suppleness, will be available for viewing on the webcast.


■All contents are in full length only (115 min.).

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*Paravi is scheduled to begin distribution on Saturday, April 23.

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In addition! Urgent distribution starts today!
Inspired by the movie "Ribbon"

■Title:「Parallel Ribbons」
■Distribution date: April 13 (Wed.)
■Included songs: 1. Ribbon Suite / 2. ribbon / 3. vivid days



And more and more!

In commemoration of the start of digital distribution of the movie Ribbon and distribution of the inspirational disc on Thursday, April 14 at 7:00 p.m. on "NON-YAROGA! channel", Non and Kei Higuchi will talk about the film Ribbon and the production of the inspiration disc and answer your questions and impressions.


■NON-YAROGA! Channel