Non will appear as a guest again on "Savannah Takahashi's Sauna Gods" [TOKYO MX].


"Savannah Takahashi's Sauna Gods", currently airing on TOKYO MX, will move to every other Thursday from 21:25 to 21:54 due to a program reorganization starting in April!
Following the first episode, Non will make a guest appearance.

In addition to the unscreened scenes that were cut from the previous episode due to the length of the program, we will be looking at the "turning point" that changed Nonno's life. The movie that she cites as a turning point in her life is "Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni (In a Corner of the World)," the first animated feature film in which she acted as a voice actress. She also talks about the audition process where she was determined to "win the role! and the "ingenious" production episodes that resulted from Director Katabuchi's over-zealousness.

He also confesses his real troubles at home as something that is "get settled" yet. What kind of talk will this be?

We will bring you a scene of "get settled" during the weekday primetime hours.

In this program, Savannah Takahashi, who is known for his love of sauna, welcomes top runners from various fields to the sauna and asks them about the "turning point" of their lives, the moment when they became "get settled" both mentally and physically. The program is a sauna talk show in which top runners from various fields are welcomed to the sauna to hear about the "turning point" of their lives.

The program is scheduled to air on Thursday, April 28, from 9:25 p.m.

Please watch it.





■Program Outline

Program name: Savannah Takahashi's Sauna Gods
Broadcasting station: TOKYO MX1
Broadcast Date: Thursday, April 28, 21:25-21:54

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