[Preliminary announcement 6/4] The stage play "My Lover" will be broadcast on the Japan Movie Channel.


The music drama and stage play "My Lover", based on the original story of the same title published in 2015 by Akutagawa Prize-winning author Takehiro Ueda (winner of the Yukio Mishima Award) and presented in Eri Watanabe's style, will be performed in 2019, and will be O.A. on Saturday, June 4, on the Japan Film Channel.


The play is based on the award-winning novel "Yuki Yuki" by Yuki Watanabe, and is a music drama and stage play presented in the style of Eri Watanabe, which will be broadcast on the Japan Film Channel on Saturday, June 4, 2010. The production will begin on June 30, 2022, and run through March 31, 2011.

It may be a good idea to see the play as a preview for "My Lover Beyond," scheduled to be performed on June 30, 2022!

■O.A. Information

Production: "My Lover" (premiere)
Cast: Fumiyo Kohinata, Non, Eri Watanabe
Direction: Eri Watanabe
Original Story: Takehiro Ueda
Screenplay: Eri Watanabe
Running Time: 120 min.

Channel: Japanese Movie Channel

Broadcast Date
First broadcast: 6/4 (Sat) 3:00 p.m.
Re-broadcast: 6/29 (Wed.) 29:20 - (early morning 05:20 the next day)



The stage play "My Lover" will return as "My Lover Beyond" after 3 years!


Please see below for the performance and ticket information for "My Lover Beyond".