Non has been appointed as an official ambassador of "Made In Local", a local development media.




"Made In Local" is a media outlet for local development that features companies that are active in various parts of Japan under the concept of "Local areas are interesting now! and features "100 Companies Representing Local Communities," which features companies active in various regions of Japan, "Local Restaurants" that you will want to visit, and "Localist," which introduces key persons in regional development.

Whether you are a local or unfamiliar with a region, you will find information on traditional techniques that are not available elsewhere, bearers of local culture, companies engaged in environmentally friendly economic activities, and more, giving you a sense of the unique characteristics and charm of each region.

■Non's Comments
When I visit various regions for work, I encounter so many wonderful stores, corporate activities, and craftsmen's work, and I am empowered by them.

The regional development media "Made In Local" introduces wonderful activities all over Japan. There are so many interesting places in Japan!
Let's make Japan a better place from the local community!

■Made In Local