Theatrical manner commercial for the movie "Sakananoko" has been released [Roadshow on Thursday, September 1, 2012].



Please refrain from shagging other customers or walking horseshoe crabs...!
Learn theater manners with Me-bo, the fish doctor, and enjoy watching!
We have completed a warm and heartwarming manner commercial video overflowing with kindness. This is one film that will make you want to enjoy "Sakananoko" to your heart's content by watching it with good manners, and you can't wait for its release in September! This manner commercial can be viewed on YouTube and in theaters.
The movie "Sakananoko”
Roadshow from September 1 (Thu.) at TOHO Cinemas Hibiya and other theaters nationwide.


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This is our story of moving forward even when we get lost and fall down.
Mee-bo, an elementary school student who loves fish, is always talking about fish, whether he sleeps or wakes up. In contrast to his father, who worried that he was a little different from other children, Mee-boo grew up with the support of his mother, who continued to believe in him and cheer him on. After graduating from high school, he wanted to work as a fishmonger, but he was having a hard time doing so. But after graduation, he had a hard time finding a job as a fishmonger... He continued to "love" fish, and through many encounters and kindnesses, he jumped into a path that only he could take....


Movie "SakananoKo"
Non Yuya Yagira Kaho Yuto Isomura Amane Okayama
Mizuki Nishimura Shohei Uno Shohei Maebara Koh Suzuki Taku Shimazaki Haruka Kagaya Soya (Kagaya) Aki Asakura Shinobu Hasegawa (Sisonne) Kosuke Toyohara
Sakana-kun, Hiroki Miyake, Haruka Igawa

Director/Screenplay: Shuichi Okita Screenplay: Shiro Maeda
Based on the novel by Sakana-kun "Sakana-kun no Ichigo-ichi-e-Mainichi mukai na life! 〜" (Kodansha Publishing Co., Ltd.)
Music: Theme Song: CHAI "Yume no hanashi" (Sony Music Labels)
Production: "Sakananoko" Production Committee
Production/Distribution: Tokyo Theatres
(C) 2022 "Sakananoko" Production Committee