Non launches a brand filled with her "favorite things"! Non's art goods brand "Mike & Karintou"

Non's birthday, we are announcing the launch of a new brand!

ouiou宣伝ビジュアル_new 三毛&カリントウ_宣伝ビジュアル02

■Upcycle brand "oui ou"

oui ou" is an upcycled brand that

The concept of "life with your favorite artists" is to provide the joy and energy of living with your favorite artists close at hand.

Wei Ou" is an original brand produced by Non, the first SDGs People. Instead of throwing things away, we revive them in a different form and deliver them to you.


The logo is based on the image of a circular piece of cloth being cut into four pieces and becoming a butterfly (to a new user) and flapping its wings.

The brand name, inspired by the fun sound of the French phrase "oui ou non? (=yes or no?)," is the result of "Non's" persistent pursuit of the concept.

As a first step, we are planning to create a series of accessories using "Non's" costumes. At the same time, we plan to collaborate with artists who support this project.

Scheduled for release in the fall of 2022.


Non Art Goods Brand "Mike & Karintou" Mike & Karintou" is a theme that Non has been drawing for a long time. This is an art goods brand based on the motif of her works.

Non" is very particular about the process of making these items, which she makes public through social networking sites and fan clubs.

The line will be centered around "Mike-chan," a girl with round eyes and eyelashes, and "Karintou," a crocodile with a spiky tail, with new works to be added to the line.

Scheduled to go on sale in the summer of 2022.


■Comment from Non

The name "Non" was chosen with the meaning of "a person who can say "Non" and "a person who can beat Non".

In contrast, "oui ou" means "yes.

The "ou" in the name suggests not only "yes," but also "aggressive" and "aggressive.

The "Sanke & Karintou" project was launched to create a place for people to create their own goods by being particular about their own works. I will be making products with a particular attention to color, material, shape, and cute, easy-to-use designs until I am satisfied with the results.

I have been preparing for my 29th birthday, saying that I want to present these two projects.

I will deliver to you all what I consider to be the best of the best.