Key visuals and additional cast members for the movie "The Three Sisters of Tenma-so" to be released on Oct. 28 (Sat.) have been announced!


Three Sisters of Tenma-so

Poster visual of the three sisters, Non, Mugi Kadowaki, and Yuko Oshima, and the gorgeous cast of co-stars are unveiled!


Director Ryuhei Kitamura, currently based in Hollywood and known for "Azumi," "Lupin the Third," and "Doorman" starring Jean Reno, has adapted Tutomu Takahashi's classic "Sky High" spin-off "The Three Sisters of Tenma-so" for the screen. The film, "The Three Sisters of Tenma-so," is scheduled to open in theaters on October 2 and 8 (Fri.). The film is scheduled to open in theaters on Friday, October 2 and 8. The poster visual of the three sisters and their splendid co-starring cast have been unveiled.


Tamae Ogawa (Non), a young girl who is alone in the world, is put in a near-death state by a car accident, and is forced to stay at the inn "Tenma-so" in the celestial town of Mitsuse until her soul decides whether to "return to this world to live again" or "travel to heaven". There, his two half-sisters, whom he meets for the first time, are waiting for him. One day, however, she is told a huge secret about the town of Mitsuse and its inhabitants, and she must make her own decision.


Non, Mugi Kadowaki / Yuko Oshima

Kengo Kora Hanazumi Yamatani Toshihisa Hagiwara

Hirayama Hiroyuki Yanagiba Toshiro Nakamura Masatoshi (Friendship Cast) / Mita Yoshiko (Special Appearance)

Masatoshi Nagase (Friendship Cast) Shinobu Terajima Kou Shibasaki

Producer: Taro Maki ("In a Corner of the World")

Director: Ryuhei Kitamura

Screenplay: Uriha Shimada

Music: Akihiko Matsumoto

Original Story: Tsutomu Takahashi "The Three Sisters of Tenma-so - Sky High" (Shueisha Young Jump Comics DIGITAL)

Distributor: Toei Production: Genco

Production: "The Three Sisters of Tenma-so" Production Committee