The opening ceremony of the movie "Sakananoko" will be held on Saturday, September 3.



To celebrate the release of "Sakananoko", we will hold a stage greeting by the splendid cast and director.

We are sincerely looking forward to your attendance.


〈Outline of the Stage Greeting〉
[Date] September 3, 2022 (Saturday)



09:30 (Greetings from the stage after the screening)

【Venue】 TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills Keyakizaka Complex, 6-10-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

【Speakers】Non, Haruka Igawa, Yuto Isomura, Amane Okayama, Sakana-kun, Director Shuichi Okita

Honorifics omitted.
Please note that the speakers are subject to change without prior notice. Please be forewarned.


(2)12:00 p.m. (Greetings from the stage after the screening)


Ueno Frontier Tower 7F, 3-24-6 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

【Speakers】Non, Haruka Igawa, Yuto Isomura, Amane Okayama, Sakana-kun, Director Shuichi Okita

Honorifics omitted.
Please note that the speakers are subject to change without prior notice. Please be forewarned.


(3) 14:00 p.m. (Greetings from the stage after the screening)

【Venue】109 Cinemas Kawasaki

Lazona Kawasaki Plaza 5F, 72-1 Horikawa-cho, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture

【Speakers】 Non, Sakanakun, Director Shuichi Okita

Honorifics omitted.
Please note that the speakers are subject to change without notice. Please be forewarned that the speakers are subject to change without notice.


〈About Ticket Purchase〉

Sold at Ticket Pia

【Pre-reserve for the Advance Lottery】

Acceptance Period August 22 (Monday) 11:00AM - August 29 (Monday) 11:00AM
Results will be announced on Tuesday, August 30, from around 18:00


【General sales】

Wednesday, August 31, 10:00AM - Friday, September 2, 16:00PM

Sales will end when the planned number of tickets is reached.


【Special price】 2,100 yen
Premier Box Seats: 1,000 yen (TOHO Cinemas Roppongi only)
Premier Luxury Seat: 3,000 yen per seat (TOHO Cinemas Roppongi only)

Executive Seats: Admission + 800 yen (109 Cinemas Kawasaki only)


《About the remaining seats available》

■For TOHO Cinemas:.

Tickets will be available only through each theater's online ticketing system from 0:00 on 9/3(Sat.). No tickets will be sold at the box office on the day of purchase.

■For 109 Cinemas

Tickets will be available through the online ticketing system of each theater from 0:00 on 9/3(Sat.).

If the tickets are sold out online, they will not be available at the box office.



《Notes on the general sale.》
※Tickets will be sold only on the Ticket PIA website.
※You can choose the payment method from credit card, Chocom, and convenience store payment. Please note that there is a time limit for selecting convenience store payment.
※You cannot choose your seat.
Tickets are limited to 2 per person.
※Please note that tickets cannot be purchased from 2:30 to 5:30 on (Tue) and (Wed) every week due to system maintenance.
Ticket prices and fees are tax-included.
※For inquiries regarding ticket purchase, please contact TEL: 0570-02-9111 (10:00-18:00) or


【Requests Regarding Preventive Measures Against New Coronavirus Infection】

■We operate movie theaters in accordance with the "Basic Handling Policy for New Coronavirus Infections" by the government and the latest "Guidelines for Prevention of the Spread of New Coronavirus Infections in Movie Theaters" by the National Federation of Entertainers' Associations.

■All seats are sold.

※The number of seats sold may change depending on the infection status of the new coronavirus. Please understand this beforehand.

■Please refrain from eating and drinking in the screen before the screening in order to prevent conversation with your mask removed.
※During screenings, food and beverages such as popcorn and hot dogs may be consumed, but we ask that you keep eating and drinking as short as possible. Please be sure to wear a mask when on the screen.
■Please wear a mask when you finish eating or drinking, even if you have to remove it temporarily.
※With the exception of infants (infants over 3 years old are recommended to wear masks), those who do not wear masks will not be allowed to watch the show.
※If you have any physical reasons, please notify a theater employee.

■Please refrain from talking or speaking during the greeting speech and while viewing the film. Please do not engage in conversation, especially when eating or drinking. If cheering occurs, you may be asked to leave the venue or the event may be cancelled. Please understand this beforehand.

■Please take your temperature before coming to the venue, and if you have a fever, cough, or any other symptoms, please refrain from coming to the venue.

■If you have visited a country or region with an outbreak of infection within the past two weeks, please refrain from visiting.

■Please wash your hands, use the sanitizer provided, and practice good cough etiquette.

■Please maintain a certain distance from visitors when exchanging tickets for reserved seats, waiting in line at concession stands, and entering and exiting the venue.

■Please cooperate with temperature check using a device at the time of admission; admission will be denied to those with a fever of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher.

■The stage greeting event may be canceled or the content of the event, including the speakers, may be changed without prior notice due to the spread of the new coronavirus or other reasons at the discretion of the organizer. In such cases, no compensation will be provided for transportation or accommodation expenses. Also, please note that tickets cannot be changed or refunded in the event of a movie screening.

■The name and emergency contact information registered at the time of ticket purchase may be provided to public institutions such as public health centers if necessary, for example, in the event of an outbreak of infection among visitors. Please understand this in advance.

■We recommend the use of the Contact Confirmation Application for the New Coronavirus (COCOA) by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and local notification services.

■We ask for your cooperation in taking other measures to prevent new coronavirus infection at movie theaters. If you do not cooperate, we may refuse to allow you to watch the movie. Please note that the measures to prevent new coronavirus infection are subject to change according to the latest guidelines of the government and the National Federation of Entertainment Industry Associations of Japan. Please note that the measures taken may differ in some cinemas and screens.



【Other notes on viewing the exhibition】

※Purchase for the purpose of resale is strictly prohibited.
※Mubicchiket cards, advance tickets, and various invitations cannot be used for this special screening.
※Seats cannot be selected.
※All seats are reserved seats. No one without a ticket will be allowed to see the film.
※Admission during the stage greeting is strictly prohibited under any circumstances.
※Photographing, recording, or recording with cameras (including cell phones) or video cameras is strictly prohibited. Please be aware that your luggage may be inspected on the day of the event.
※Media companies will be filming and recording the event, which may be broadcast on TV, magazines, websites, etc. In addition, the event may be included in DVDs and other products to be sold at a later date. Please understand this in advance. By entering this event, you consent to the above use of your personal information (portrait rights).
※Purchase and resale of admission tickets for the purpose of selling them on the Internet auction or for any other resale purpose is not permitted.
※Admission tickets resold for profit or through the Internet will be void and admission with such tickets will not be permitted.
※The event schedule is subject to change at short notice. Please understand that the event schedule is subject to change at short notice.
※Under no circumstances will tickets be changed or refunded after purchase or redemption.
※TOHO CINEMAS CINEMA MILEAGE members who purchased tickets for the event screening at play guides (Ticket Pia, Lawson Ticket, etc.) can register their Cinema Mileage viewing history on the day of viewing at the theater ticket counter, so please stop by. Please note that we will not be able to give points to your 109 Cinema Point Card or register your viewing history. Please understand this in advance.
※Wheelchair users will be allowed to see the movie in the wheelchair space. Please note that wheelchair spaces are limited, and depending on the number of people in wheelchairs, some visitors may be asked to view the show outside of the designated spaces. Please understand this in advance.


■Film "Sakananoko" official website