Ribbon" movie, episode 21 is now available on V Comic!



The comic book project of the movie "Ribbon" written, directed, and starring NON has been updated with its 21st episode!

Mutaro, a manga artist and art college graduate, freshly depicts the drama of art students whose graduation exhibition was canceled due to Corona, as they struggle with their "works" that they can no longer show to the public. Please come and see it.

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https://vcomi.jp/page_product/page_product?seriesId=532 ■V Comic
https://vcomi.jp/ Also, the lyric video for the movie Ribbon inspiration disc "Parallel Ribbons" has a comic illustration!
Please take a look at this page as well. 〈Details of the work〉
Title : "Parallel Ribbons" - Ribbon Inspired by the Movie
Artist Name : Kei Higuchi feat. Non
Release date: April 13 (Wed.)
Ribbon Suite M2. ribbon M3.https://linkco.re/xPTbVn1X

■You can find the lyric video on YouTube!