10/2 (Sun.) Campaign Event for Eliminating Fraudulent Products "Really? Really! Fair in Ikebukuro" on Oct. 2 (Sun.), where Walui-chan's special goods will be distributed. (Non will not appear at this event.)



In September 2020, the Council against Illicit Goods and the Japan Content Overseas Distribution Promotion Organization produced the video "Let's Protect Originals! .

In this video, NON says, "A lot of people involved spend a lot of passion and time until a single work or product is created. I hope that our society will have a heart that values original works and products".

The campaign event against illicit products, which had been postponed due to the Corona Disaster, "Really? Really! Fair in Ikebukuro" will be held on October 2.

NON will not participate in this event, but a video featuring NON's performance, "Let's Protect the Original! and a special "Warui-chan" original character designed by Non will be given away.

For more information, please visit the Anti-Counterfeiting Council's website.


■Council against Fraudulent Products Web site