Non-Yaro ga! Birth of Noodle Detective Non⁉ Comparison of Niigata's ordered Ramen!


TV program "Cross-border Broadcasting" project "Nonyaroga! Channel" #69 is a collaboration project with BSN Niigata Broadcasting "Najirate. Channnel" is a collaborative project with BSN Niigata Broadcasting's "NON-YAROGA!
Introduced by Niigata Broadcasting Corporation announcer Kudo, we sampled three different kinds of Niigata ramen that can be ordered!

We plan to continue this series of local ramen tasting comparisons in the future!
Please feel free to recommend your own "local ramen" in the comments section as well!

This project will also be broadcast on BSN Niigata Broadcasting Co. will also be broadcasting this project.
Please look forward to this new development in cross-border broadcasting.


■Non YouTube "Non-Yaro ga! Channel"

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