NON was featured in a commercial for "EV Charging Ene-Change".



NON has been featured in Japan's first promotional commercial for "EV Charging Ene-Change," a service provided by ENECHANGE Co.

EV Charging Ene-Change is an all-in-one service that allows customers to install charging facilities for electric vehicles with minimal installation and operation costs, starting at 0 yen per month.


■NON's Appearance, First TV and Taxi Commercial Promotions

The song based on the children's song "London Bridge" was also a challenge. The song was chosen for its catchy melody that everyone has heard at least once, in addition to the background that Ene-Change is a company that originated from Cambridge University in England. Please enjoy the song "♪EV Charging Ene-Change" sung by Nonn in the commercial.


・TV commercial (Song of Ene-Change)


・Cab CM (a story for your ears) 30 sec.


EV Charging Ene-Change Service Site