【NON-YAROGA!】 Noodle Detective Non made and tried "Fukushima's Best Bagged Ramen"!



Cross-border Broadcasting" Project YouTube "NON-YAROGA! Channel" #78 is the Noodle Detective Non project! Continuing from the previous episode, we will be reporting from a campsite at Lake Inawashiro in Fukushima Prefecture.
NON received a letter from Yamazaki, an announcer of Fukushima Broadcasting System, and challenged him to make excellent bagged ramen. The program will be broadcast on KBF Fukushima Broadcasting's "#Otameshi Video" at a later date.
Details of the program's broadcast schedule will be announced on NON's official SNS as soon as they become available.

Please watch "Noodle Detective Non" as it crosses borders to various broadcasting stations.


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