Non, you're the one! Noodle Detective Non eats Fukuoka Ramen! TNC Television Nishinippon"SUNDAY MOMOCHI" has crossed the border into the "Ramen MAP"!



The first event of 2023, NON YAROGA! is the "Noodle Detective Non" project!

In #83 of the "Transborder Broadcasting" Project YouTube "Nonyaroga! Channel", "Noodle Detective Non" crosses the border to "Ramen MAP" of TNC TV Nishinihon's "Nichi-Kei Momochi"! We will be eating three popular Fukuoka ramen dishes. Will she be able to finish all of them?
Ramen MAP" on TNC Television Nishinippon "SUNDAY MOMOCHI" is scheduled to air on Sunday, 1/15 from 12:00 noon.
There will be no missed broadcasts on Tver, etc.

Please be sure to watch it.


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