A commercial for "Apple," a company that assesses, buys, and sells automobiles, has been released, with Nono as the new ambassador.



A new commercial for Apple, a used car buying and used car valuation service for which Non is an ambassador, has been released.

The main copy of the commercial reads as follows: "Come to Apple for a consultation! is the main message of the new commercial, which helps people who feel that visiting a used car store is a hurdle to feel comfortable consulting with a used car dealer.
The commercial features the distinctive voice and character of the cat, who plays two roles, with comical movements.
Please take a look.

【 CM Outline 】
●TV commercial airing start date: January 21, 2023 (Saturday)
●Broadcast area: Nationwide
●Name: Apple used car purchase and used car appraisal "Appearance" version "Car inspection" version


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■2023 New Commercial Talk to Apple! Car Inspection Arc


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