【NON-YAROGA! 】Cross-border project in collaboration with BSN Niigata Broadcasting System! Sneaking into the narration site of the radio drama "Oshaberina Delivery Service



Transborder Broadcasting" Project YouTube "NON-YAROGA! Channnel" #85 takes a close look at the narration for the radio documentary "Oshaberina Delivery Service" produced by BSN Niigata Broadcasting, with whom NON collaborated on the "Noodle Detective NON" project last year. The camera of "NON-YAROGA! s camera will sneak into the work site of NON, which is not usually open to the public.

The camera will be on hand to show a commentary during BSN Niigata Broadcasting's "Wednesday Watch Night" (19:00-20:00) on January 25 (Wed.). Please be sure to watch it as well.
You can also watch the program on Tver from the next day.


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■NON YouTube "NON-YAROGA! Channel"


■BSN Niigata Broadcasting "Wednesday Watch Night"