【NON-YAROGA!】 Collaboration] NON will participate in a discussion seminar with immigrants from the "12 Municipalities of Fukushima" to think about how to work in the future.


Cross-border Broadcasting" Project YouTube "NON-YAROGA! Channel" will be shown at a discussion seminar in Shibuya on Thursday, March 9.

The video features interviews by NON with people who have moved to the "12 Municipalities of Fukushima" and are taking on the challenge of a new way of working. Chan Channel at a later date).

(The video will be broadcast on NON-YAROGA! Channel at a later date.
〜The event, titled "The Future of Migrants and Settling in Fukushima: Thinking with Job Hunting, Entrepreneurship, and Parallel Work", will be held at the Fukushima International Center in Tokyo.

This event, titled "The Future of the 12 Municipalities of Fukushima," will be held in March, the 13th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and in response to the growing attention to the 12 municipalities of Fukushima, which were subject to temporary evacuation orders, etc., we will discuss the lives of the people who are actively engaged in the recovery and settlement of Fukushima, their involvement in the recovery and creation of the region, and the future direction of the region, while considering the current status of the recovery of Fukushima and the future of the region. The seminar will discuss the lifestyles of local residents, their involvement in the reconstruction and creation of the region, and the various ways of working, including employment, companies, and parallel careers.


【Discussion Seminar Overview】
※NON will not be speaking at this event. She will participate only in the video.

・Event Title: "Knowing Fukushima's 12 'Now' and Thinking about Fukushima's 12 'Future'.
〜The "Mirai" of Migrants and Settlers: Thinking with Job Hunting, Entrepreneurship, and Parallel Work〜
・Date :Thursday, March 9, 2023, 19:00-20:30
・Venue :"SHIBUYA QWS" https://shibuya-qws.com/ *Online participation is also available.
・Access: Directly connected to Shibuya Station on the JR, Tokyu and Keio lines (underground entrance B6)
Please take the elevator to the 15th floor from the B2F and 2nd floor of Shibuya Scramble Square (entrance for the office and SHIBUYA QWS).
・Admission: Free
・For details, please click here.