【NON-YAROGA!】 NON meets a classmate during a "wanderlust" stroll in her hometown Hyogo! [ikuno art stay2023]


Cross-border Broadcasting" Project YouTube "NON-YAROGA! Channel" #86 features NON taking a stroll in her hometown of Hyogo!
She takes a walk in Ikuno-cho, Asago-shi, a neighborhood of her hometown Kamikawa-cho.

She will enjoy Ikuno-cho, which still retains the atmosphere of a town from the Meiji era.
Along the way, we enjoyed Ikuno-machi to the fullest, including a chance meeting with a classmate whom we had not seen in 15 years and an encounter with a very rare projector.

Here is NON's own report on the "ikuno art stay 2023" exhibition.
Please take a look.


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