2023 SPRING COLLECTION" by OUI OU, an upcycling brand produced by NON, will be presented at ARABAKI ROCK FEST.23!



Produced by NON, "OUI OU (We-U)" is based on the concept of "always being with your favorite artists" and offers the joy of living while feeling close to them.

The first OUI OU pop-up store, held at Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku at the end of last year, was a great success, with the number of people who entered the lottery for the store and the web nearly ten times higher than the number of those who did so.
Due to the great response, we are pleased to announce that Mr. Reichi "CHABO" Nakaido and Mr. Seishiro Imawano (Baby Beez) will join us to present the 2023 Sprring Collection with the cooperation of ARABAKI ROCK FEST. ARABAKI ROCK FEST.

■Outdoor Exhibition

An outdoor exhibition is now being held near the Tower Records booth at the opening of ARABAKI ROCK FEST.23 on April 29 (Sat.) and 30 (Sun.), displaying the concept of OUI OU and upcycled costume photos.


■Special postcards will be given away as a special benefit for visitors! The catalog is also available for purchase!

Special postcards for visitors will be distributed at the OUI OU booth!
The booth will be located next to the Tower Records CD sales booth.
The postcards will be distributed as soon as they are gone.


OUI OU Official Pamphlet (catalog) will be on sale at the venue booth from 14:00! (Limited quantity)
The pamphlet will include the POP UP held last year, the production episode of the web PR movie "OUI_OU POP UP 'You know me'", the first public photos, the catalog of upcycled works so far, and many other contents.

【Product Specifications】
Size: 182mm x 257mm (B5 size)
Offset printing, left binding, radio-controlled binding
Total 40 pages (4 pages for cover + 36 pages for text)
Back width: 4mm
All color 4C
(cover and silver foil stamping)

This catalog will also be available at the official OUI OU (We UU) website, which opens today!


■Lottery entries begin!
If you cannot come to the event, you can still participate in the raffle entry online. We encourage you to apply!


■OUI OU(ウィ・ユー)公式サイト