[Non goods brand] "Mike & Karintou" will debut at "Mori, Michi, Ichiba 2023" on Friday, May 26!


The original brand "Mike & Karintou" will finally debut on Friday, May 26 at the "Mori, Michi, Ichiba 2023" event, which was announced on July 13, Non's birthday last year!

The goods will be sold at a sales tent set up near the live venue, and postcards will be distributed as a special gift to visitors.

Furry and Karintou" are characters that NON has been carefully drawing for a long time.
Sango" is a girl with big eyes wearing a ribbon, and "Karintou" is a crocodile with a tail.
The first set of goods will be based on a watercolor painting of "Karintou," which was the first painting by Non.
The goods are named "ringo & kalintoh" after "kalintoh" who likes apples.



The event was supervised by Non, who paid close attention to every detail.
Those who cannot come to the venue can also purchase the book at the e-commerce store.
※The EC store will open for purchase on Friday, May 26 at 15:00.


■ringo & kalintoh T-shirt
Rubber print on the front with visuals of an apple and a karintouto on the back. Logo tags are sewn onto the collar and sleeves.



■ringo & kalintoh tote bag
Tote bag with a rough texture. Designed to hold fruit and easy to use for everyday shopping.





■ringo & kalintoh Masking Tape Set

Masking tape set with a total pattern. Green & Brown" and "White & Brown" each set.





■Special postcards will be given away at the "Mori, Michi, Ichiba 2023" booth! (The event will end as soon as all the postcards are gone.)

Date: Friday, May 26, 2023, 15:00~ *It will be sold only on the 26th.
Location: Laguna Beach (Otsuka Seaside Green)
2-39, Kaiyo-cho, Gamagori, Aichi 443-0014, Japan

At the artist's booth in the ocean area.
The booth will be located between the GRASS Stage and the SAND Stage.
Only cash will be accepted for merchandise sales.
*Check the map for location.→ map


・WEB Shop:http://mikekali.jp/
*We are also planning to run a present campaign, exclusive to the web store.
*Items will be available for purchase starting at 15:00 on May 26 (Fri.).


■Information on the performance of "The Forest, the Road, and the Market 2023
Scheduled to appear on the GRASS STAGE from 17:35
For more information, click here.