【NON-YAROGA!】NON can't stop loving guitars at the first sneak peek of "FENDER FLAGSHIP TOKYO" opened in Harajuku.



NON-YAROGA" is a YouTube project by NON, who crosses borders into various media! Channel", a YouTube project of NON-YAROGA!
This time, we sneak into "FENDER FLAGSHIP TOKYO," which just opened today (June 30)!

FENDER FLAGSHIP TOKYO is the first flagship store in the 77-year history of the FENDER brand (Harajuku/Omotesando area of Tokyo).

NON participated in a talk show at the opening ceremony on June 29 (Thu.), but in fact, before that, "NON-YAROGA! chan" before the opening ceremony.

Surrounded by many guitars, NON and guitarist Kei HIGUCHI enjoy playing and talking together.

Please take a look.


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