NON FESTA" starts! Nine days of "love".




Not only an actor, NON has been pursuing her "love" in various fields.

To celebrate her 30th birthday week, "NON FESTA," a nine-day festival to thank her fans who have supported her through her "love," has begun!

NON FESTA The first day of NON FESTA will be a one-man show at Zepp Haneda [PURSUE TOUR - The Strongest! ] + distribution!
The 2nd Full Album "PURSUE" released on June 28th is an autobiography of NON's past 10 years, and expectations are high for the tour that bears its name.
To commemorate the FESTA, the FESTA opening movie featuring "CG non-chan" has been released.

Non-chan is extremely busy every day.
I wish there was another Non-chan!
The CG nonchan was born from an attempt to realize such a wish that everyone has as a virtual character using 3DCG. This is the idea behind CG Non-chan, a virtual 3DCG character.

Like a "superhero," she rushes to everyone's rescue!
This time, she was chosen to appear in the opening image movie of "NON FESTA" under the order of Non-chan herself!
However, CG non-chan is still in training. Although it has not yet been decided whether or not she will be active in the future, she has made a spectacular contribution to the opening of "NON FESTA".
Special site, we will liven up the FESTA together with all the fans!

The special FESTA page is now open! On the special page, you can enjoy a full-page advertisement visual for Mainichi Newspaper, created by creative studio YAR led by Yoshirotten, a calendar of FESTA events, and celebrity messages for the "PURSUE" album. More fun elements may be added in the future⁉


■NON FESTA Special Site