【NON FESTA】7/10(MON) LINE Stamp "KARINTOU (Mike & Karintou)" was released! 


On the second day of NON FESTA, "Karintou LINE Stamp" will be on sale!
The character "Karintou" is a crocodile with a pointed tail, which NON has been carefully drawing for a long time.
The stamps are all designed and drawn by NON herself.
We hope you will enjoy the richly emotive Karintou LINE Stamps!


■LINE Stamp Name
・KARINTOU (Tortoiseshell & Karintou)
・Number of stamps: 16
・Amount: 120 yen (tax included)
・delivery URL:https://line.me/S/sticker/23648234


■What is a karintou?
This is a character that NON has continued to draw with great care. It is a crocodile with a standing tail.

・Mike & Karintou" official website

NON FESTA Schedule
◼7/9(SUN)Real & Digital
18:00- PURSUE TOUR - The most powerful! - @ Zepp Haneda + Distribution

LINE Stamp "Karintou" released.

◼7/11(TUE) Digital
21:00- "Standing in the Wilderness" making-of YouTube premiere

NON FC "NON KNOCK" limited edition "NON KNOCK" archive reprint (17:00 - times, 19:00 - times, 21:00 - times)

◼7/13(THU)Real & Digital
Lula BOOKS "Non" Launch + Photo Exhibition
21:00- NON KNOCK: Non's birthday live streaming

LINE Stamp "Cute Bunny. Beard Association" released & new project announced

◼7/15(SAT) Real
J-WAVE presents INSPIRE TOKYO 2023 Appearance

◼7/16(SUN)On Air
21:00- "Ribbon" TV premiere (Japanese Movie Channel)

18:00- PURSUE TOUR - The most powerful! - @ Umeda Club Quattro

■NON FESTA OP Movie (CGnon-chan)


■NON FESTA Special Site