【NON FESTA】7/12 WED NON FC "NON KNOCK" limited edition "NON KNOCK" reissue



On the fourth day of NON FESTA, we are going to reissue "NON-CHANNEL", a limited edition of NON FC "NON KNOCK", for nine days to pursue your "favorite" of NON!

The precious library of NON's official fan club "NON KNOCK", which was broadcasted on LINE LIVE in 2016, will be specially reprinted! Please come and watch NON's first attempt at live streaming about 7 years ago.


■Distribution schedule in NON KNOCK, NON's official fan club

① 17:00 - "Special Program for the Launch of NONCHANNEL Stamps! (September 22, 2016 delivery)"

② 19:00 - "NON-CHANNEL True First! (Distributed on October 17, 2016)" (iii) 21:00 - "NON-CHANNEL True First Episode!

③ 21:00 - "NON-CHANNEL 2nd Halloween Volume (delivered on October 31, 2016)"

*The content of the delivery at that time will be delivered as it was at that time. Therefore, the "next preview" and other information will also remain as they were at that time. Please note that the next preview and other information will remain as they were at that time.
*The episodes delivered in portrait mode will be listened to in landscape mode due to the specifications of the Fanicon app.


■How to watch
Each session will be delivered in a live streaming format (with archived listening). When the time is up, the live streaming will begin. Once the streaming starts, a green "Live Streaming" button will appear in the application.

■About NON KNOCK Membership
Non Knock, the official Non Knock fan club, is available for immediate membership on a monthly basis!
Register now and enjoy members-only contents immediately!


NON FESTA Schedule
◼7/9(SUN)Real & Digital
18:00- PURSUE TOUR - The most powerful! - @ Zepp Haneda + Distribution

LINE Stamp "Karintou" released.

◼7/11(TUE) Digital
21:00- "Standing in the Wilderness" making-of YouTube premiere

NON FC "NON KNOCK" limited edition "NON KNOCK" archive reprint (17:00 - times, 19:00 - times, 21:00 - times)

◼7/13(THU)Real & Digital
Lula BOOKS "Non" Launch + Photo Exhibition
21:00- NON KNOCK: Non's birthday live streaming

LINE Stamp "Cute Bunny. Beard Association" released & new project announced

◼7/15(SAT) Real
J-WAVE presents INSPIRE TOKYO 2023 Appearance

◼7/16(SUN)On Air
21:00- "Ribbon" TV premiere (Japanese Movie Channel)

18:00- PURSUE TOUR - The most powerful! - @ Umeda Club Quattro

■NON FESTA OP Movie (CGnon-chan)

■NON FESTA Special Site