【NON FESTA】7/16 (SUN) Ribbon" movie broadcast for the first time on TV (Japan Movie Channel)




Ribbon" and "Sakananoko" will be broadcast for two consecutive weeks on "Sunday Japanese Movie Theater (Nihon Eiga Gekijo)" on 7/16 (Sun) and 7/23 (Sun)! A special interview with NON will be aired with NON as a guest.

The movie "Ribbon" will be broadcast for the first time on TV! Please be sure to watch it.


<Japanese Movie Channel (BS255)>
July 16, 2023 (Sun.), 9:00 p.m. - "Ribbon" movie will be broadcast for the first time on TV.
★Special interview with Non will be broadcast before and after the movie (as a guest on "Sunday Japanese Movie Theater").
Repeat Broadcast: Thursday, July 20, 9:40 p.m. - / Wednesday, July 26, 9:05 p.m.

For details, please refer to the following website

Commemorating the TV premiere of "Ribbon" on the Japan Movie Channel, "Non no Ima" special site


NON FESTA Schedule

◼7/9(SUN) Real & Digital
18:00- PURSUE TOUR - The most powerful! - @ Zepp Haneda + Distribution

LINE Stamp "KARINTOU" on sale

◼7/11(TUE) Digital
21:00- "Standing in the Wilderness" Making Movie YouTube Premiere

NON FC "NON KNOCK" limited "NON CHANNEL" archive rerun (17:00~ times, 19:00~ times, 21:00~ times)

◼7/13(THU) Real & Digital
Lula BOOKS "Non" Launch + Photo Exhibition
21:00- NON KNOCK: Non's birthday live streaming

LINE Stamp "Cute Bunny. Bearded Association" on sale & new project announced

◼7/15(SAT) Real
J-WAVE presents INSPIRE TOKYO 2023

◼7/16(SUN)On Air
21:00- "Ribbon" movie TV premiere (Nihon Eiga Senko Chan)

◼7/17(MON) Real
18:00- PURSUE TOUR - The Strongest! - @ Umeda Club Quattro

NON FESTA OP Movie (CGnon-chan)

■NON FESTA Special Site