A kitchen car with an illustration of "Cafe de Paris Citrus Mix" drawn by Non will appear at "HIBIYA SAKA-BAR SQUARE~HIBIYA SUMMER FESTIVAL~". (until 8/27 (Sun.))



The Cafe de Paris kitchen car will appear at the "HIBIYA SAKA-BAR SQUARE," an outdoor event themed on bars around the world, where visitors can enjoy drinks such as craft beer, authentic cocktails and sparkling wine, and food such as Spanish and German cuisine and cold sweets.

The car's body features a label illustration of "Cafe de Paris Citrus Mix" drawn by Nono.
At this kitchen car, visitors can enjoy "Cafe de Paris Citrus Mix" and "Cafe de Paris Sweet Cherry" in limited design bottles.

The event is being held until Sunday, August 27. For more details, please refer to the information on the official website below.


HIBIYA SAKA-BAR SQUARE Event Official Website