Sendai PARCO 15th anniversary special project [Sendai PARCO x Non] First collaboration of ribbon art designed and supervised by Non and Sendai Tanabata decorations.


Sendai PARCO will celebrate its 15th anniversary this year with a special collaboration project called "Sendai PARCO✕ Nonn".

The first project is a 3-meter-long Tanabata decoration that will be displayed inside the Sendai PARCO store.
This is a collaboration between Non's ribbon art and traditional Sendai Tanabata decorations (production cooperation: Lemon Life).

Based on multiple design drawings by Nonn, the team of "Lemon Life" helped to brush up the art.


NON personally selected the overall color scheme and decided on the final design.
Based on this, we asked Lemon Life to create the actual product.


During the production of the work, Nun carefully checked the image of the ribbon with photographs and texts, and supervised the flow, length, and materials of the ribbon in detail.
The blowing stream part is especially particular, with the image of braided ribbons flowing like the Milky Way.

From 10/13(Fri.) to 10/29(Sun.), an art exhibition featuring collaboration of Non's ribbon art and traditional Tohoku crafts will be held at Sendai PARCO (details to be announced later). Don't miss it!


Sendai PARCO 15th Anniversary Special Event
Sendai PARCO x Non

Collaboration of Sendai Tanabata Decorations
Place: Main Bldg. 5-6F atrium
Display Period: August 4, 2023 (Friday) - August 28, 2023 (Monday)

Sendai PARCO x Nonn Art Exhibition
Period: October 13 (Fri.) - 29 (Sun.), 2023
The name and details of the exhibition will be announced at a later date.

Sendai PARCO 15th anniversary special site