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NHK's "Kansai Natsumeshine" will broadcast a special program on August 25 (Friday) on NHK Sogo (Kansai local), covering the summer that went by with Non's 2nd album "PURSUE". PURSUE TOUR - Saikyou na! performance at Umeda Club Quattro, her thoughts on her new song "Standing in the Wilderness," an interview about her acting career, and more. We will also look into Non's activities.

Prior to the broadcast of the program, a feature article was posted on NHK News WEB.
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■Program name: "Kansai Nesshisen"
Amachan" made Non a national heroine. She was born in Kamikawa, Hyogo Prefecture. She is now focusing on her music career. The starting point of her music career was an experience she had in her hometown. What is the thought that she put into her new song this summer?
I really feel that I have stood up strong. I really feel that I have stood up strong," said NON, looking back on the past 10 years. She became a household name when she enthusiastically played the main character in the TV drama "Amachan. In July, when she turned 30, she decided to leave behind a song that would confront the emotions she had felt up to that point. This is the story of a person who tries to carve out his own path.

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■Broadcasting station: NHK General (for Kansai region)

■Broadcast Date: Friday, August 25, 2023, 19:30-19:57

■About the missed distribution
After the broadcast, the program will be available on NHK Plus for two weeks (available nationwide).
*Missed programs will be available until 7:57 p.m. on September 8 (Fri.).