An interview with NON about the 41st Mainichi Fashion Award, which she won, will appear in the Mainichi Newspaper on Tuesday, September 12, 2012.



The 41st Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix (sponsored by Mainichi Newspaper and supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), which honors outstanding people and organizations in the cultural and social activity of fashion, has announced the winners for 2023 (41st) and Nun was awarded the "Topic Award". An interview with NON will appear in the Mainichi Newspaper on Tuesday, September 12. Please take a look.

The award recognizes various activities, such as walking the runway in a dress made by students of the culture and fashion institute at the "Shibu∂ Fashion Week" held on October 2022, and launching her own upcycled brand, "OUI OU (We U)".


■What is the Everyday Fashion Award?

Established in 1982 to commemorate the 110th anniversary of the first issue of the daily newspaper. It honors the outstanding achievements of people involved in fashion, and contributes to the further promotion of the fashion world and the cultivation of culture by discovering new talents and continuing to disseminate enhanced fashion information.


■The official website of the Hinode Fashion Award