Announcement: On Sunday, October 15th, Non will be participating in the Yokohama College of Art and Design's 'Yoko Gensei Daizai' event. There will be a screening of the movie 'Ribbon' followed by an after-talk event.



Non will be participating in the movie screening and after-talk event for 'Ribbon,' held at Yokohama College of Art and Design's 'Yoko Gensei Daizai' on Sunday, October 15th. 'Ribbon' portrays the struggles of art students whose futures are threatened by the challenges of the pandemic just before their graduation. In this event, Non will engage in discussions about the film and creative expressions with art students and general attendees (by advance reservation). We look forward to your participation.

[Event Summary] *Partially quoted from the website of Yokohama College of Art and Design

At Yokohama College of Art and Design's 'Yoko Gensei Daizai' event, we want to hear Director Non's story!

Amidst a worldwide pandemic that lasted for three years, art students, who enrolled with excitement for their creative pursuits, were forced into the confines of stay-at-home orders. 'Ribbon,' the film that provided encouragement to these art students during the challenging times of the pandemic. What happened to us during those three years? What did we lose? What did we learn?

On October 15th (Sunday), we are delighted to invite Director Non to share her insights. She will discuss the behind-the-scenes tales of film production, the essence of artistic expression, the significance of attention to detail, and what art students can achieve in these circumstances.

*Non will participate only on Sunday, the 15th.

■Screening of the film "Ribbon" + After Talk Event

"Date and Time: [By Advance Reservation / Admission by Assigned Number] October 15, 2023 (Sunday)

  1. Movie Screening of 'Ribbon': 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  2. After-Talk Event: 2:15 PM - 2:55 PM

Venue: Yokohama College of Art and Design, Room 31 (Main Venue) / Room 32 (Public Viewing Venue)"

Entry Instructions for October 15th (Sunday)
"Meeting Time: October 15th (Sunday) at 11:00 AM
Meeting Point: In front of the main building reception tent at Yokohama College of Art and Design.
*Assigned numbers will be issued via Peatix at the time of reservation.
*Attendees will be guided to waiting areas based on their assigned entry ticket numbers.
*Please follow the staff's instructions for lining up on the day of the event."

"Venue: Yokohama College of Art and Design, Main Building 3rd Floor, 1204 Kamoshida-cho, Aoba-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Admission Fee: Free Entry
Capacity: Room 31 (Main Venue) - Limited to the first 117 attendees Room 32 (Public Viewing Venue) - Limited to the first 121 attendees"

This event has a priority application period for current Yokohama College of Art and Design students.
Please note that depending on the number of applications, it may be possible to accommodate attendees only in the Public Viewing Venue. Kindly understand this situation.
*Participation in the After-Talk Event on October 15th (Sunday) is mandatory for those attending the screening of the movie 'Ribbon.' *Even if you have obtained a prior reservation through Peatix, entry during the event (such as attending only the After-Talk Event) will not be allowed. Please be mindful of this policy."

*Screening of the movie 'Ribbon' and the After-Talk Event on October 15th (Sunday) require prior reservation. Once the maximum capacity is reached, we will close the registration.

*Advance reservations (via Peatix) are limited to one ticket per person. Please be aware that seats for accompanying individuals might be separate from yours.

*Entry to this event will be based on assigned numbers, and seating will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. The venue offers open seating without assigned seats.

*If our staff cannot verify your assigned number during the venue's opening, we will guide you based on the ticket number sequence. In such cases, there might be a possibility of your seating row being different from your initial arrangement. We appreciate your understanding.

"How to Participate: Reservations for general attendees will begin on October 6th (Friday) from 10:00 AM onwards. For more details and to make a reservation, please check the following URL."

*Before participating, please carefully read the event details and precautions on the application page.
*On the event day, please line up in the waiting area in order of assigned numbers after registration. Kindly arrive before the meeting time.
*Baggage inspection will be conducted during registration. We appreciate your cooperation."

■For inquiries about this event, please contact

Public Relations Section, Yokohama College of Art