Announcement | Starting November 17th (Friday), Kanai Minato's work "Mirai" will be available for streaming on Amazon Audible, narrated by Non.



In the world's largest audiobook and audio content production/distribution service, Amazon Audible, works by the novelist Kanae Minato-sensei will be released for four consecutive days starting November 14th. The fourth day of this consecutive release features a narration by Non for "Mirai" (Futaba-sha), and it will be available for enjoyment starting November 17th.

This work, "Mirai," serves as the culmination of the Minato world, published in 2021, marking the 10th anniversary since her debut with "Confessions."

"One day, a sudden letter reaches a girl. The sender claims to be her future self... What does the future hold for these children who have no place at home or school, pushed to the brink?"

Experience the emotionally charged climax and the heartfelt, full-length mystery through Non's narration. Please tune in during the long autumn nights.

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On November 19th (Sunday), J-WAVE's "TOPPAN INNOVATION WORLD ERA" will feature Kanae Minato-sensei as a guest!

This is a "talk session" that welcomes innovators from various genres, extracting seeds of innovation from the dialogue. This time, we are honored to have novelist Kanae Minato join us. We will delve into Minato's unique worldview, marked by numerous hit works such as "Confessions" and "The Devotion of Suspect X," and explore the possibilities of expanding that worldview through audio content.

Stay tuned for this exciting conversation!