Ribbon," a film written, directed by, and starring NON, is available on U-NEXT today, Saturday, December 16, 2012!


Ribbon," a film written, directed, and starring NON, is available today on U-NEXT!
The film depicts the sorrow and rebirth of a group of art students who lose their youth when their graduation exhibition is canceled due to the Corona Disaster.

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■Outline of the work

NON, who witnessed the sadness of art students whose graduation exhibitions were cancelled due to the Corona disaster and whose youth was taken away from them, decided to create "Ribbon" as a story of rebirth for art students whose future was taken away from them.
In "Ribbon," NON plays the role of "Someday," an art student who is deprived of the art of expression and is unable to find what she is meant to do.

The film also focuses on NON's idea of "expressing emotions through ribbon art!
The main character's various emotions are expressed with colorful ribbons.
The ribbons, which are sometimes sharp and sharp and sometimes dance gracefully, were created by the splendid team of "Shin Godzilla" director and special effects supervisor, Shinji Higuchi, and associate director and special effects supervisor, Katsuro Ogami!

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■Netflix distribution start date: 12/21 (Thu.)