On December 27th (Wednesday), Non will be appearing on NHK General's "Gyogyotto Sakana★Star: Everyone's Beloved! Okinawa Shark Special."


Every episode, Sakana-kun thoroughly explains a specific fish on "Gyogyotto Sakana★Star." In this special edition focusing on sharks, Non will be appearing as a guest.

In the studio, they will dissect a giant shark, and Sakana-kun will provide ample explanations about Japan's shark-eating culture. Additionally, they will enjoy shark sashimi and traditional shark dishes!

◼️Non's Comment
When it comes to sharks, I always had the image of "scary" and "ferocious." However, being with Sakana-kun, touching sharks of different sizes and shapes, witnessing the process of dissecting them, and trying shark dishes I had never eaten before completely changed my perception of sharks! In reality, they are very "interesting fish." Just like me, I hope you enjoy the eye-opening world of sharks! The studio experience was so much fun, I would love to be invited again!

The photo features, from left to right, Kaon-san, Sakana-kun-san, Non, and Morita Tsuriho-san.

◼️Program Information

Program Name: Gyogyotto Sakana★Star "Everyone's Beloved! Okinawa Shark Special"

Broadcasting Station: NHK General TV
While this program is typically aired on NHK Educational TV (E-Tele), this special edition will be broadcast on NHK General TV.

Broadcast Date: December 27th (Wednesday) General TV, 7:30 PM to 8:42 PM

Program Websitehttps://www.nhk.jp/p/ts/GXQ91GZ53Q/schedule/

◼️About Catch-up Streaming
This program is available on NHK Plus, allowing you to watch it on your computer or smartphone for seven days during and after the broadcast.

NHK Plus:https://plus.nhk.jp/

Here is information about the movie "Sakananoko," where Non plays the role of Sakana-kun (Mībō), and Sakana-kun himself appears as "Gyogyo Ojisan" (Uncle Fishy).

Official Site:https://sakananoko.jp/