Non's creation and illustration. Pre-orders with special store benefits for the picture book "Cute Bunny, Beard Club (Revised Edition)" have begun! The long-awaited original picture book is finally nearing completion.


Non's original character, the small crocodile "Karintou," and the good friend "Usa-chan."

Born within Non's sketchbook, these characters have been cherished.

They undergo makeovers with added beards and enjoy playing with friends.

Their dream is to become "cool!"

Finally, the story of these cute bunnies and their friends, a long-awaited picture book, is here.

Pre-orders with benefits are now available at Non's original brand store "Mike& Karintou" and on Amazon!


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*Note: Bonuses vary by store. As for the delivery timing, regardless of which shop you pre-order from, we are planning to deliver around the end of February to the end of March.


Title: "Cute Bunny, Beard Club [Revised Edition]"
Author/Illustrator: Non
ISBN: 978-4-7711-1071-7
List Price: 2,000 yen
Tax Included: 2,200 yen
Number of Pages: 47 pages
Size: 148mm × 148mm


"Usa-chan" and "Karintou" are also available as popular LINE stamps! LINE Stamp: "Cute Bunny, Beard Club"

LINE Stamp "KARINTOU (Furry & Karintou)" was released!